Podcast: Making sense with moneycorp

Episode #2: The Emergence of Brazil’s Global Economy and International Payments

Podcast: Making sense with moneycorp

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It's no secret that the business world is becoming more integrated each and every day. Economies around the world are emerging as strong outsourcing centers. More specifically, Brazil is becoming the next big business hub for companies around the world. Organizations that want to stay competitive will need to have the right partner to help manage their funds in and out of Brazil.  

Host: Anil Sawrup – Consultant, moneycorp

Co-Host: Juliana Scolari – Head of Latin America, moneycorp 

In this episode we talk about:

  • Brazil's emerging economy.
  • The constant depreciation of Brazil's currency.
  • Taking advantage of the cost savings when outsourcing to Brazil.
  • Issues corporations face when trying to sending and receiving payments to and from Brazil.

Want to listen to a shortened version of this topic? Watch our webinar: How to streamline global payments in and out of Brazil. Available on-demand.

About the speakers:  

Anil Sawrup Anil Sawrup is a consultant for moneycorp, bringing over 22 years of experience in the global payments and hedging industry to his role with the company. As a growth-focused, dynamic executive with a track record for igniting successful change, Sawrup knows what it takes to devise and execute successful sales, market, and business development strategies. Over the course of his career, Sawrup has gained the skills needed to institute streamlined workflows and improved processes that amplify efficiency, increase productivity, and enable achievement of organizational objectives.

Anil Sawrup is a graduate from York University where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce. Since then, Sawrup spent 8 years at Cambridge Global Payments where he held multiple executive positions. Prior to that, he spent a combined 9 years at Travelex. Sawrup has a proven track record for successfully serving as an integral component to transforming sales and market penetration strategies all while strengthening a growing FX Payments-focused team.

You can reach Anil at anil.sawrup@moneycorp.com.

Juliana Scolari Juliana Scolari is a specialist in currency exchange and leads the Brazilian market for moneycorp: a company originally from the UK, and one of the market leaders in the currency exchange business and international payments for more than 40 years. Juliana joined the moneycorp team in 2010 and realized that there was a large market for investors dealing with Brazil and a worldwide shortage of specialists in the field. With seven years of experience in the financial area back then, she embraced the opportunity and expanded the company's market in Brazil substantially. Moneycorp since then has acquired its banking license in Brazil and Juliana Scolari has been instrumental in helping moneycorp achieving their long term plans within this market. 

Originally from Brazil, Juliana obtained her Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management in Sao Paulo and holds a Master degree in Business Administration from Stetson University in Florida. She eventually made the move to the Sunshine State in 2004 to work for Walt Disney World Resorts. Prior to joining moneycorp, Juliana worked 4 years for an international lending company and was instrumental in establishing and penetrating the South & Central American markets. Juliana is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and has more than twenty years of experience in dealing with international business clientele

You can reach Juliana at juliana.scolari@moneycorp.com.


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