Everything you need to know about an ABA Routing Number

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Everything you need to know about an ABA Routing Number


Guide to making a payment with an international routing number

What is an ABA routing number?

An ABA routing number, also known as an ABA number, bank routing number or routing transfer number, is a nine digit code that identifies a bank in the USA. Every US bank or financial institution has a routing rumber, which is used by both domestic and international banks to locate the specific branch for payment through Fedwire. Different regions within the United States hold different routing numbers, which is why it’s important to enter the correct code when making a payment to a US bank account.

A US routing number comprises digits that identify the bank’s physical location, as well as the Federal Reserve check processing centre that serves that bank.


Is ABA routing number the same as a US routing number?

An ABA routing number is often referred to as simply a routing number or a US routing number, while some banks and financial institutions may recognise the code as a bank routing number or a Routing Transit Number (RTN). This can lead to confusion for some, especially as banks in the UK may refer to it as one of these alternative terms. However, these terms are interchangeable and all refer to the same ABA Routing Number.  


Is a routing number needed for an international wire transfer?

In order to send an overseas payment to a bank account in the United States, you will need to acquire the ABA Routing Number for the intended recipient’s account. This is necessary if you wish to send your payment through Fedwire, and can also be provided optionally if you are making your international payment through the SWIFT system and providing a BIC / SWIFT code. This will make it even easier for your bank to identify the recipient bank.


How to find an ABA Routing Number

If you need to send money to the USA, then the recipient should have provided you with their ABA Routing Number prior to you making the payment. If they are unsure of their number, it can typically be found on the bottom left-hand corner of each cheque in their cheque book.


How to find out routing number without a cheque

In the event that the recipient is unable to provide you with their international routing code from their cheque book, it should also be displayed in the account section of their online banking account. Of course, if they are still unable to provide you with their bank routing number, you can contact your own bank, and they will be able to access the code for you before you make the payment.


What is a bank routing number in the UK?

In the UK, the equivalent of a bank routing number is a sort code – a six-digit code that identifies both the bank and branch of an account.

Sort codes are used by British banks to route money transfers to the correct bank and branch when processing domestic transfers of funds.


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